Candy Kittens Sweet Squad Event At Doughnut Time

 by Sweet Squad Member: Tara-Jade


Hi everyone! I’m Tara-Jade, a blogger and self confessed sugar addict from Kent but working in London - and one of the members of the new Candy Kittens Sweet Squad. 

I’m writing this on a train home on a major sugar rush from a wonderful afternoon getting to know all the members of the Sweet Squad over the ultimate bonding activity - doughnut making! If not exactly the conventional way to meet people, it definitely got us all chatting over a few gin and tonics and strawberry jam covered fingers.

We took over the whole of Doughnut Time to learn a bit more about the Candy Kitten brand, its predominately vegan range of sweets, and to create some of our own vegan doughnut combos using all our favourite flavours! 

After a brief crash course through a few techniques, which some of us were admittedly more naturally talented at (including Jamie who continuously surprised himself with his doughnut decorating talents)! We started off by making some of the Doughnut Time best sellers, we were then let loose at the sweet stand, resulting in some *questionable* combinations..If you were asking me to pick the best ones, I would have to choose either Abby’s artistic blue and pink swirly one, Nas’s Candy Kittens Logo one or just how neat and perfect Georgia’s were! One of my most successful was my Wild Strawberry and sprinkles combo. Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry was a flavour I hadn’t tried until today but might be my new favourite! It reminds me of childhood sweets and always picking the red ones out of any sweets first - tell me I wasn’t the only one?!

It was so lovely to meet all of the team and sweet squad, I'm very excited to be a part of the Candy Kittens family, spreading the word about new flavours and hopefully doing lots of other exciting events to spend doing silly boomerangs!