Better Shared Ski Shoot with Georgia

by Georgia, 1st November 2019 

My first time skiing ever was at the shoot for Candy Kittens’ winter campaign ‘Better Shared’!

Uh oh... *googles how to not suck at skiing & skiing tips for beginners*. But nerves aside, I was super excited to go skiing a couple of weeks ago with some of the Candy Kittens Sweet Squad and Jamie Laing, I have to refer to him with his second name because Olympic snowboarder Jamie Nicholls came along to the shoot as well so this could get confusing! Yes that’s right Jamie Nicholls! How cool is that?!

We all headed to the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead where we hit the slopes. Myself and fellow ‘Sweet Squaders’, Molly and Nas chose to Ski as we didn’t want to spend the whole time on our bums attempting snowboarding! Jamie and Jamie zoomed up and down the slopes on snowboards whilst our amazing instructor taught us to control our ski’s. With all three of us being absolute beginners, he got us flying down the slopes in no time, learning to (just about) stop and even turn! 

We all met at the bottom of the slopes between our lessons and shot some fun pics all together. Best of all, we got to chill in the snow and refuel on Candy Kittens sweets because after all they are Better Shared! 

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