By Lucy Legret

Did anyone feel as though January went on forever? Well, we've got through the hardest month of the year, hurray! And what better way to celebrate than to visit some new and exciting exhibitions that are taking place in London right now. Whether you're into art, history or funky spaces, we've got you covered in our top five best exhibitions this February! 

Exhibition: Mary Quant

Location: V&A in South Kensington 

Category: Fashion

Dates: Now - 16th February 

Mary Quant was a fashion designer who was best known for popularising the mini skirt in the 1960’s. With more than 200 garments and accessories to look through, find out how this iconic designer launched an epic fashion revolution for her time! From skirts to funky tights, bold makeup and playful shoes, it’s all here at the V&A! 

Exhibition: Emmanuelle Moureaux’s ‘Slices of Time’

Location: Now Gallery

Category: Instagrammable space

Dates: 5th February - 19th April 2020

This installation piece features thousands of cut-out coloured numbers which are suspended from the ceiling, to create a large scale rainbow effect that's totally mesmerising. But what's the message behind the art? French artist Emmanuelle Moureaux was inspired by Shikari; a Japanese concept which divides space with colour. We think that ‘Slice of Time’ captures the very meaning of this word in the most beautiful way.    


Exhibition: Tim Walker ‘Weird & Wonderful’ Things

Location: V&A 

Category: Photography

Dates: Now - 22nd March

The clue is in the name of this exhibition, as Tim Walker displays the fantastical and magical essence that is central to his work. His unique and impactful approach to photography makes him one of the most recognisable artists and we promise that this exhibition offers more than pretty pictures!

This immersive exhibition takes you through the different media that he worked with, exploring film, photography, studio settings and special installations. Definitely one to visit. 

Exhibition: Meet Vincent Van Gogh 

Location: Art Van Gogh Museum

Category: Art

Dates: 7th February - 21st May 2020

This exhibition takes you through the life and experiences of Vincent Van Gogh. It aims to teach you about his influences by immersing you into his world. You can even explore the set-up of his bedroom! Unlike most exhibitions, nothing is off-limits. You are encouraged to get up close and personal, with large projections of his works and audio learning throughout. This is not one to miss! 

Exhibition: Tutankhamun ‘Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh’

Location: Saatchi Gallery

Category: History

Dates: Now – 3rd May 2020

Calling all history fans, you do not want to miss this extraordinary collection of King Tutankhamun’s treasures at the Saatchi Gallery this Year, featuring more than 250 original artefacts! It's the last chance to see these items before they are returned back to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, so what are you waiting for?