This week at CKHQ we’re bringing you a brand new blog written by Tori, one of our lovely Sweet Squad members:

I don’t know about you, but cold weather and dark days aren’t my favourite! Lethargy from shorter days and the warmth of home seeming so much cosier, it can be hard to be motivated to do anything, from popping to the shops, exercising or even completing  important tasks. Over the past few years I’ve worked on making sure I do these 5 things to stay healthy and motivated to get through this time!

Tip 1:  Stay active

  • Grab yourself a workout buddy and book yourself into a gym class. A buddy keeps you accountable so you’re less likely to skip that early morning alarm. The fun environment of a class makes the workout all that more enjoyable, so you leave riding off the positive energy and ready to take on your day. My studio recommendations to try this month would be Kobox, Pscyle and Another_Space.

Tip 2: Boost your immune system 

  • My biggest immune boosters are sleep and water. So simple yet I swear by them when I start feeling a little under the weather. If I really feel like I might be getting sick I grab a ginger shot (I tend to go for the purer ones that you get in a health food store). It can be harder to stick to a healthy diet in the winter when all you want is warm comfort food, but try and keep up your veg intake as you’ll feel so much better for it!

Tip 3:  Enjoy the little things

  • Not everything about the winter is miserable! Focus on the small things- a warm coffee, a crisp walk, getting cosy inside, party season! Thinking about the small things that make your day really does boost happiness! If you need to get into the habit, I recommend writing down 5 (or as many as you can think of) things that went well in your day. Before you know it, this positive mindset becomes habit.

Tip 4: Treat yourself!

  • Aside from the fact we can all hide under large baggy jumpers, treat yourself to comfort treats like hot chocolate, a packet of Tropical Mango Candy Kittens, your favourite dessert, or your most heart-warming comfort meal. Self-care is really important. Your skin might be drier in the cold weather so why not try a hydrating face mask, have a warm bath with your favourite bath salts, or put on that Christmas movie in November- dare you! Do something new or fun, how about puppy yoga? That’s one way to motivate yourself to get up and out of bed!

Tip 5: Set Goals

  • Winter is also the best time to set new goals and intentions. Close the year reflecting on what you’ve achieved and look ahead to the New Year and what you want to focus on! 

These are the top tips I live by to get me through winter. I hope you all find them useful and have a warmer winter! Love Tori x