By Lucy Legret

If you thought 2019 presented enough new vegan dishes, then I’m sure you were pleasantly surprised by what's on offer in 2020!  Brands are finally responding to the growing demand for plant-based food, by providing an abundance of new vegan dishes this year. With a delicious variety of vegan foods to now choose from, we think you'd love to try our top 5 dishes this veganuary!

Greggs set the standard last year when they released one of the most iconic vegan foods of 2019. With the astonishing response to their vegan sausage roll, Greggs had something to live up to, so this year they created a new vegan steak bake! While it may not have had the same response as the legendary sausage roll, we think it’s just as delicious and definitely worthy of our top 5 vegan dishes of 2020.

To everyone's surprise, the ‘zero chicken burger’ has landed itself a permanent place on the KFC menu, after the success of its short trial in summer last year. It claims to contain the same great flavours and spices of their iconic meat burgers, so it’s worth trying this alternative if you’re searching for an easy swap!

Costa is sailing way ahead of their coffeehouse competitors, by creating a vegan version of their much-loved ham and cheese toastie.  We think it's great to offer a vegan option for people who want to enjoy familiar, classic flavours like ham and cheese! It’s no wonder this sandwich has already won the PETA Vegan Food Awards, for its simplistic approach and easy appeal. You don’t need to be a foodie to fall in love!

If you’re willing to be a little adventurous this veganary, then we suggest you try Wagamama’s new Suika steak! Better known as the vegan ‘tuna’ steak, the dish is made using dehydrated watermelon, creating a truly unique alternative to a traditional tuna dish.

Subway lands itself as the last restaurant to make it in on our top 5 vegan dishes of 2020 list and we think it's well deserved! Their Meatless Meatball Marinara’ sub has received great reviews for its likeness to their original meat version. Featuring four vegan meatballs, the sandwich is covered in the chains popular marinara sauce and vegan cheese. What a winner!

We'd love to know what you think of all the new 2020 vegan options, so let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and Instagram page in the comments below!