On this week’s episode of the MOVE podcast, Jamie and Ed interview the phenomenal Rebekah Hall, founder of the drinks company Botanic Lab. Rebekah’s company is all about creating the perfect soft drink with a difference. Her drinks ‘Do Something’, they have a purpose and are made with real depth and rare ingredients that each hold their own personality. The idea behind the Rebekah’s brand was to champion the people who get up, take action and do something! Have you heard of any product more inspiring? We certainly haven’t! 

Rebekah tells Jamie and Ed how when she was younger, although she was ‘good’ at school, she couldn’t wait to leave, she was itching to start her own journey, free of people telling her what to do and kickstart a career where she could be the boss. Coming from a small country town near Glastonbury she was excited to venture further into the world and see what was on offer.  

After leaving Somerset and venturing to London, Rebekah trained as an accountant and followed this career path for a whole ten years. She learnt a lot about raising money, making business plans and it offered her a useful insight into the corporate world, but she ended up feeling frustrated. She felt she could do better than the position she was in. At this point Rebekah knew it was time for a change and finally gained the courage to change her career path.

After quitting her job, Rebekah took up yoga, and began to meet people who worked in the health industry, as well as in food and drinks. This was the initial catalyst that inspired her to start her own business. Before eventually founding Botanic Lab, Rebekah actually explored two separate business ideas which she then rejected. She surrounded herself with people who inspired her, and allowed her to flourish creatively. Through aligning herself with people who were invested in the health industry as well as fellow entrepreneurs, she was able to learn and grow with her business, accepting the difficulties and also the successful moments throughout the early life of her business.

Rebekah wasn’t used to taking risks at first, but as she stepped into the world of entrepreneurship she quickly learnt that this was something she’d have to adapt to. Though people kept telling her she was totally crazy to be taking the risks she was, and making bold decisions, she persevered, and proved to herself and others that these risks would help her succeed. Botanic Lab launched the first ever CBD drink in Europe and pushed the boundaries of the FMCG industry. Rebekah’s best advice is to learn everything you can about the industry, ask as many questions as possible, don’t be afraid to take a risk! 

To listen to Rebekah’s full story check out this week’s podcast here. 

Here’s Rebekah’s top 5 facts about her business:

  • Botanic Lab has the lofty accolade of having brought the first cannabis beverage drink to the market in Europe.
  • Rebekah started her brand from scratch and built it from the ground up in one of the most competitive spaces (drinks). 
  • Rebekah started Botanic Lab without a background in drinks, consumer products or drugs!
  • Rebekah spent 10 years in the banking industry before starting her own business.
  • She’s also a qualified yoga teacher, but wanted to be an American footballer when she was 8.

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