MOVE: Introducing Joe Grossman

If you love eating good food, most importantly burgers then this week’s episode of MOVE is for you! This week we sat down to interview Joe Grossman the founder of Patty and Bun.  Patty and Bun now has 8 stand-alone stores as well as often appearing at pop up events. Joe tells us a bit about his personal life, his passion for exercise and how he uses it as a tool to create structure and drive in both his own livelihood but also his business! Joe’s always been ambitious, particularly at sport, but his real self-motivation kicked in after finishing his history of art degree once he’d left uni. 

When Joe left uni he had no idea what he wanted to do and felt the anxiety and pressure to get a job. After spending some time working in a field which he had no passion for, and branding himself as “unemployable”, he realised he wanted to follow a true love of his - food.  He knew he had this passion and wanted to get stuck in so worked as hard as he could in restaurants in Borough Market and even the kitchens at Leon. After this raw minimal experience, he knew he wanted to push himself further and start his own restaurant. With a little nudge of encouragement from his parents, he kickstarted Patty and Bun. 

Joe wanted to create “the best brand in the world” and create an experience that was much bigger than just having a burger, which quickly became the basis of the first Patty and Bun restaurant.  Joe kept it simple, and when naming his restaurant stuck the fundamentals of ‘what a burger is’ - a patty and a bun. By going against the grain and forming this unique branding Joe’s new restaurant providing incredible burgers took off rapidly! To find out more about Joe’s journey head over to this week's podcast.

Joe’s top tip for any young entrepreneur is to always go back to the route of your business. Find out your fundamentals, write them down and stick to them.

Joe’s top five facts and exciting moments when building his business are:

  1. Opening the first Patty bricks and mortar, James st in Marleybone (the mothership!) back in November 2012. This has been a real marker of the previous 2-year journey to get to that point, but also the real beginning of Patty…
  2. Getting a 5-star review in Time Out - In January 2013, shortly after opening, we received a 5-star review in Time Out which was completely unexpected … which elevated the business to another level.
  3. One of the best moments we had as a business was when the OG … Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) came in for an Ari - I  love Entourage (hence the burger name !) - so it was jokes when Ari himself came in to try it for himself … he loved it!
  4. A great business step for us was opening our store in Liverpool st, which was our second site - taking that leap from site 1 to 2 was an exciting, nerve-racking, anxious, crazy time, but showed that we could step it up! 
  5. We opened in Brighton in 2018 - this was our first site outside London. It’s been amazing to challenge ourselves opening outside the hustle and bustle of London and building the brand in a completely new community. Also the team are an absolute bunch of legends! 

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