MOVE: Introducing Henry Holland

Introducing Henry Holland: “I’m more motivated by my mistakes than I am my successes” 

On this week's podcast we interview Henry Holland. Henry chats to us about his background and how his flair for fashion first started and lead to his future career as a fashion designer. After originally planning to study journalism in London, within four days of being at Uni Henry decided this wasn’t the right course for him, and decided to opt for a degree that allowed him to pursue his artistic side at the London College of Printing.

Henry started out working as an intern for multiple companies that worked in the fashion industry alongside his studies, and from this solidified his burning desire to pursue his career in fashion. At age 21 Henry was made the fashion editor at Smash Hits which lead to future jobs working for teen magazines. Whilst working for these companies, Henry decided to start designing slogan T-shirts in a new rave style. People quickly caught on to Henry’s witty slogan Tees and through his Bebo platform, Henry started making sales and built the early stages of his business. To find out more about Henry’s incredible career check out this week’s podcast.

Henry’s top five interesting facts/advice about his own business experience are:

  1. I only started with £500. 
  2. I launched the company on social media before social media existed.
  3. I have learned so much more from my mistakes than I have my triumphs / successes.
  4. Choosing who you get to work with and how you work is the biggest privilege of running your own business.
  5. My approach is to take advantage of every opportunity - however small.


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