“Add life to your days, not days to your life”

This week on the MOVE podcast, we sit down and talk with Ben Fogle. Ben is well known for his presenting roles on British television channels such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 5, as well as his impressive 6 week climb up Mount Everest and 9 best-selling books which he has written. Though Ben has achieved a lot in his adult life, he tells us that it hasn’t always been an easy ride of achievement. As a child, Ben attended six different schools, always struggling to settle in. 

At age 5, he was sent to study at French Lycée in South Kensington. Ben tells us that although he appreciated his parents' desire for him to be bilingual, this may have been the beginning of what he calls his ‘failures’. Ben struggled with his dyslexia, and learning in a foreign language proved difficult for him. He felt an immense pressure to learn this entirely new language, which if he didn’t use, he would be punished for.  Eventually Ben left this school and moved elsewhere, but with his continual moving from school to school, Ben found he never passed his exams, he always felt that everyone else was better than him and it took a toll on his confidence. 

Though Ben had these ‘early failings’ he didn’t let this deter him in the future. He wanted to prove that he was capable, and that anything was possible both to himself and others. Ben knew he wanted to succeed in life, but knew he wouldn’t do this the ‘scripted’ or conventional way.  Though he broke into the public eye by joining Castaway in 2000, he explains that he didn’t do this for fame, or to become a reality TV star, he did it solely for the adventure. This was the tipping point for Ben, it ignited his passion for sustainability, wildlife, survival, natural beauty and community. Ben was thrilled by the opportunities offered to him by Castaway and used his experience to help him succeed. From this initial fame he was driven to become known for his achievements. Some of these include rowing the Atlantic, climbing Mount Everest, writing his 9 best selling books and becoming a well known television broadcaster.

One of Ben’s main tips to success is to be honest in life. People may believe that your achievements you’ve made were easy, especially with social media, people portray their success as looking effortless and glamorous, but what they’re not seeing is the hard work behind the camera, the duck feet paddling manically under water to keep you going. Getting to the start line is the hardest part, there’s nothing you can’t achieve but be open and honest with yourself and those who are on board with you on your journey. 

If you want to hear more about Ben’s journey to success, including the ins and outs of his Everest climb, his defeat of a rare skin eating disease, life as a father, and his involvement with Dilly and Wolf (a healthy new snack range) then head over to this week’s podcast here. 

Ben’s top 5 moments and tips that helped build his success are: 

  1. Failure, I had to learn to fail and bounce back.
  2. Being on Castaway helped offer me opportunities to succeed as well as igniting a passion for adventure.
  3. Rowing the Atlantic was one of the peaks of my success as an adventurer .
  4. Climbing Everest was one of my biggest challenges and risks but was also one of my proudest successes. 
  5. Another of my biggest achievements was filming New Lives in the Wild. I visited remote corners of the globe to experience extreme lifestyles, cohabiting with those who have left behind modern amenities to experience nature and simplistic living. 

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