MOVE: Introducing Aimee Fuller

“Failure is only a building block to success” 

This week on the MOVE podcast Ed and Jamie interview the slopestyle snowboarder Aimee Fuller, who represented Great Britain in both the 2014 and 2018 winter Olympics. Aimee is an incredible athlete and in 2019 even completed her first marathon- the Pyonyang Marathon in North Korea, followed by her second marathon in London just ten days later! 

As a kid Aimee never thought she’d be an Olympic athlete for Great Britain, nevertheless, she was still a headstrong and determined individual and loved sports. Her favourite sports included skiing, motocross and gymnastics, and she found herself immersed in athletics. Aimee tells Ed and Jamie that her dreams went as far as being a PE teacher (and failing that a weather woman!). It’s fair to say Aimee excelled far beyond these aspirations when she found her passion point and took up slope style snowboarding. 

Aimee’s journey to the Olympics was far from easy. At 16 she got her first sponsor, Roxy, which enabled her to fund her training and travel which made her able to start competing and making an income from her snowboarding. Aimee’s career took off from here as it gave her the opportunity to train for a living and work on her technique. Her dedication and training clearly paid off as she became the first woman to land a double in the X games. However Aimee’s intense training led to several injuries which set her back for her entry into the 2014 Olympic games. She was aware she still needed to qualify and kept trying. In her final qualifying trials, though nervous, she put her all into landing her stunts and managed to execute them, meaning she was able to enter the Olympic games in 2014. The mental ability to handle the pressure was Aimee’s biggest hurdle, but it’s meant she’s been able to adapt and succeed throughout her career. 

From an early stage Aimee realised the key element to her success was her ability to visualise her achievements, whether that was landing a trick, holding a medal or achieving a place at a future competition. Every night before a major competition Aimee would stand in her competition bib by an open window, close her eyes and visualise/enact her routine before hitting the slopes the following day.

No matter what career/venture you’re hoping to succeed in, Aimee’s top tip is to believe in yourself. If you believe in your own ability, others will too. She’s a big believer in setting small but achievable targets which encourage you to progress and feel accomplished instead of pushing yourself to reach an unattainable target. If you want to find out more about Aimee’s career and how to build a career as a successful Olympian then head over to this week’s podcast!

Here’s Aimee’s top 5 facts about her career: 

  1. I am a 2x Olympian - I’m also the first woman to land a double in competition at the X Games .
  2.  I was ranked 3rd in the world in the Big Air World Cup tour super series 
  3. My most recent achievement was that I  ran my first Marathon in North Korea and filmed / fronted a documentary in the process. “Running in North Korea”. 10 days later I ran the London Marathon.
  4.  On the entrepreneurial side - the power of sport has offered me many incredible opportunities; from sponsorship and endorsements, I was even on the front of the Red Bull Can in 2014. 
  5. I’m from Keston, Kent but I now live in South West London. I grew up skiing on a dry slope / and doing motocross. I loved sports and did gymnastics for 2 years, but I was the “elephant of the class”...Motocross and snowboarding were the bolt hold of my success.

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