Introducing Lord Mark Price

“Business is all about people, how you build relationships and get on”

This week on the MOVE podcast Jamie and Ed interviewed Lord Mark Price, founder of Engaging Works, Chairman of Fair Trade UK, writer and member of the House of Lords and former Managing Director of Waitrose. It’s safe to say Lord Mark Price has made some substantial achievements in his lifetime, but the roots of his determination and drive for success all started at a young age. 

Lord Mark Price speaks to Jamie and Ed about how to succeed in growing a business, from having USP’s to keeping your team motivated and happy. Growing a business isn’t an easy skill and Lord Mark Price opens up, explaining how throughout his childhood he learnt some top tips from his father. Lord Mark Price spent his early life selling biscuits and confectionery from his father’s shop. He’d spend his hours after school and at weekends working alongside his dad learning about trade and how to be a good businessman, communicating with his customers and ensuring he always built good relationships with the people he was supplying to. His father would take care of every individual consumer and stressed the importance of communication and honesty in trade. 

The importance of honesty and communication are values Lord Mark Price has continued to prioritise in all areas of his career. He shares with Jamie and Ed that a company will only grow as quickly as it grows its people, which is something he discovered throughout his time at Waitrose and later on in founding Engaging Works. Lord Mark Price believes that 80 percent of the job is about your people, and making sure they are happy. If your people are happy, they’re more likely to be productive and motivated to achieve the most they can for your company!  

To create a happy company, he suggests promoting a positive culture for employees. Greeting them each day with a smile and positivity and acknowledging them for any achievements made no matter how big or small. Happiness in the workplace is his top priority and he believes that success comes from helping others. Lord Mark Price believes this so passionately that he decided to set up his own business: Engaging Works. Engaging Works helps people find the best career path for their personality type and supports people in improving their working environment to increase their overall happiness.

For more tips and tricks make sure you tune into this week’s podcast for more advice about how to succeed as a business owner and discover more about Lord Mark Price’s career journey. 

Lord Mark Price’s top 5 top tips he’s learnt about business and entrepreneurship:

1. Discover that the journey is more important than reaching a destination.

2. It’s all about people, more than strategy.

3. The team is more important than the individual.

4. Happy and engaged teams deliver more.

5. Love the customers you have.

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