Say Hey To Laura Whateley

by Georgina Cassar  19 July, 2019


Meet this month’s Game Changer: Laura Whateley, personal finance journalist and author of Money: A User’s Guide.  

After struggling as a millennial living in London, Laura had to seriously reassess her budget and how she handled money. Aware that she was most certainly not alone in this situation, she became committed to helping others understand budget management by compiling everything she’d learnt about money into a book. Being a young person out of school and university can be tough when you find yourself handling your own finances for the first time - something Laura understands and has the solution for.

Every month we are showcasing some of the most inspiring women on the scene, no matter what they do - and this month is no exception! Check out how Laura Whateley is paving the way for financial education and awareness in young people today.