Say Hey To: Claire Blackmore - GAME CHANGERS

Claire began as a writer in the fashion and beauty sector, but soon tired of writing about the same subjects and decided it was time to start writing about something more inspiring, with vitality and soul. This led Claire to the role of Editor at Pink Parcel, where she’s taken on an dynamic and engaging role.

Pink Parcel is a female empowerment brand, with periods at the heart of everything they do. They send out monthly subscription boxes with all of your period essentials, be that tampons, pads or liners. There’s also an epic beauty and lifestyle element, with perks such as sweets (Candy Kittens, may we add) and beauty products.  

Pink Parcel are part of a movement who are creating change for women and won’t stop until they get there.   If you haven’t already, then please go and check them out!