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Say Hey To: Chris Watt

  • By Pippa Gargas
  • 3rd Sep 2018

Here at Candy Kittens we're fortunate enough to have some really cool people from awesome brands come in and chat to us about what they're up to- and Friday was no exception. Chris Watt, director of Digital Publishing at Adidas, paid us a visit this morning to update us on what they've been working on, as well as an insight into his department (not to mention the dreamy brekkie spread).

Chris has been working at Adidas for 5 years, and I definitely don’t need to introduce that brand to you. His team work in one of their “News Rooms” that are located in their key cities- ones that they believe are generally responsible for setting and driving the trends. The News Rooms allow all sides of marketing to be connected and work together in one space and lets them focus on what’s going on in their particular city and implement the Social Media plans and campaigns for it, in order to work on driving the most traffic.

He explained their 3 core strategies to increasing brand desirability that they’re going to be focussing on until 2020, which have been in place since 2015:


  1. Speed: Working to provide fresh products frequently that are accessible whenever and wherever a customer may need. In order to give them a competitive advantage, speed is behind everything they do, particularly as a sports brand.
  2. New Cities : Urban centres play a key role in shaping trends and have global influence, so if they get it right in London, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo,  they can influence anything.
  3. Open Source: Allowing for one big collaborative and open network between the Adidas teams; inviting athletes, creatives, influencers and brand ambassadors in to help shape the brand – this played a big role in Kanye’s development of Yeezys.


As well as working on some amazing and game changing campaigns every year (the 2014 World Cup campaign being his favourite), culture is also behind everything they do at Adidas. Whether it’s a 3 day away trip to New York (yes pls) or their weekly salad club where a few members of the team prep lunch that they then all share together- all the little things make a difference!

We’re no good at predicting the future, so we asked Chris what he thinks will be the next big thing in the digital world. He believes the future lies in AI and Messenger Bots, which they are already putting to use at the Adidas Studio London on Brick Lane (top tip: they offer free gym classes and nutrition workshops here for women- Chris only just left and I’ve already interacted with the bots to sign up).

Thank you so much to Chris for stopping by for such an interesting insight into the world of Adidas!

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